Longer Day Than We Originally Thought

Hank – My shoulder was killing me last night so I didn’t sleep well. My thrashing about helped Kathy not sleep well, too. And it was a rainy morning. Anne made us a light breakfast and we said goodbye. She offered to let us stay another night if we wanted a rest day for my shoulder. We thanked her but I need days of rest and we also wanted to keep moving. We went into Lyons and parked at the cafe there to mull over our options. At first I was thinking we could travel 30 miles to Weedsport and call it a day. But after much discussion we decided to go all the way to Syracuse, about 50 miles, and get a hotel and keep the option open to stay a second day depending on how my shoulder was doing. During the first 10-15 miles of riding I felt like I had a knife stuck up through my underarm. And then the pain magically diminished quite a bit. It wasn’t gone but it was very tolerable. We rode on state highway 31 again–NY bicycle route 5–until we got to Jordan, NY. Coming out of Port Byron we were passed by at least a couple hundred motorcycles. That was noisy. At Jordan we got back on the Erie Canal Trail.

The trail ride was pleasurable. We had very little rain during the day but lots of cloud cover and cool breezes. The cool weather and the trees and birds made for a very enjoyable ride. We checked into our hotel in Syracuse, cleaned up, and ate at Daniella’s Steakhouse next door. I had a 16-ounce steak and Kathy got the lobster and angel hair. The food was great. Now it’s time for more ibuprofin and muscle relaxer. And hopefully a good night’s sleep.

Kathy – We left our Warm Showers host Anne and Carl this morning.  They are in the process of renovating their 1800’s farmhouse.  Carl is an outstanding wood worker and Anne puts her personal touch into the decorating and making fabulous stain glass art work.  They are doing an amazing job with their home.  We are thankful for their hospitality.

Although we were both tired we decided to press on and ride today.  We rode 52 miles in cool breezy weather.  We had lots of climbing our first 30 miles so we opted to get on the flat yet unpaved trail that runs along side part of the canal system for our last 20 miles.  We were a bit slower but we relaxed and enjoyed the ride without traffic or hills.  We did have some strong headwinds on occasion but the trees protected us most of the time.  I must say considering how we felt in the morning we were very pleased with how the days ride went.

I thought about my sister Mary Beth today when I saw lots of hellifiknows (see attached picture) on the trail.  She told me a story once about the hellifiknows. Our dad was an abusive alcoholic. I need say no more.  One day when we were growing up Mary Beth saw maple tree seeds on the ground and asked dad what they were.  His response was, “Hell if I know.”  Well, Mary Beth never realized what dad actually said and thought that’s what they were called, hellifiknows.  Then adulthood came, marriage, and children.  Imagine her husband Tim’s reaction when their young daughter asked Mary Beth what the maple tree seeds were and she said, hellifiknows.  Tim quickly asked her what she said, and she repeated what they were without questioning anything.  Tim then asked who told her that and she said our dad.  Then he asked her to say it slowly.  Mary Beth was shocked at what she was actually saying.  Everyone still gets a laugh about it and those maple tree seeds will forever be known as hellifiknows in my book.  Thanks Mary Beth for the great story!  I love you and miss you.

We are working on four months of riding. Our bodies are tiring and we are looking forward to some downtime at our friends Barb & Keith’s house in Maine.  Most people ride their bike across the states and are done in about three months then they go back to their lives at home.  As we continue this journey for 16 months we need to ensure we are taking care of ourselves.  Today turned out very good and hopefully our next few weeks of travel to Maine will be good too.  I’m really hoping the pinched nerve in Hank’s shoulder (caused by inflammation) clears up soon.  He is doing very well tolerating it as we ride.  No doubt we will both sleep well tonight.

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