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Hank – Today was a rest day. No bike riding allowed. After breakfast Kathy went out to do some shopping and maybe get a pedicure. I just walked around to people watch and see a little of the city. I checked out the falls again. There are some great gardens alongside Niagara Falls Parkway. My walk wasn’t that long and I went back to the room to keep cool and keep my shoulder still. It’s feeling much better today.

We went across the street to Margaritaville for dinner where we met some amazing people. Mike and Lee-anne Selves of Stratford, Ontario were at the table next to us. They were already having fun when we arrived. We started talking and the next thing you know two hours pass. They knew each other in high school, went their separate ways for 25 years or so, and then reconnected via Facebook. Now they’re married and having a blast. What a super couple. We now have four reasons to visit Stratford: Lee-anne, Mike, Mike’s barbecue, and the Stratford Festival featuring modern and Shakespearean plays. We also met Tammy Potter who was walking around the place on stilts. Tammy is a nurse by trade and this is her second job for fun.  She’s a fun-loving person, which is one reason she got into the entertainment group at the restaurant. She stopped by after her time was up and she was back down to size.

After sunset we walked down to the river to see the lights on the falls and watch the fireworks show. It was pretty cool. Tomorrow we are off to Medina, NY. And Fairport, NY the day after that. 

Kathy – The rest day was really nice today.  I walked around looking for a new pair of sandals since the straps on my current ones are loose.  I didn’t find anything during my five miles of walking about the shops so I think I will order the ones I really like online and have them sent to our friends in Maine.  Just over three weeks away from seeing them!  I found a place to get a fresh pedicure here.  I’m not really a fan of pedicures since my feet are very ticklish and don’t care for the leg massage.  I just like my toes to look pretty so I tolerate the pedicure and decline the leg massage.  All is good now and I’m ready for my new sandals.

Our time at Margaritaville was super fun.  Meeting Mike, Lee-anne, Tammy, Will, and Scott was a sheer joy.  We really had a blast hanging out with them.  They are all good, fun people that I hope we can connect with in the future.  This trip is all about seeing the beautiful country (and some of beautiful Canada) and meeting wonderful people.  Well today we were lucky enough to meet these gems.  We ended our evening seeing the lights shining on Niagara Falls and Horseshoe Falls, then seeing the incredible fireworks display right over Niagara Falls.  They do the fireworks displays nightly during the summer months.  Truly an amazing thing to see.  The video of the fireworks show does not do it justice.   In person with the lights and sounds directly in front of you is an experience everyone should see.  I was a great rest day. Tomorrow we head across the border back into the U.S. as we make our way to Maine.

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