Long Live Rock

Hank – We spent most of the day at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There’s a lot to look at there. My primary interest was the guitars, especially those of blues artists. I’m very happy we came to Cleveland for this.

Kathy – Our extended time spent at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was really worth it. So much history under one roof.  If you are ever in the Cleveland, Ohio area this is a must see place.  We walked about and explored a little more of Cleveland in the 90+ degree weather before calling it a day and relaxing for the evening in the air conditioned hotel room.  We worked on our to-do list: (1) finalized our bike route for the next five days, (2) did laundry, (3) ordered Kathy new bike shorts, and (4) worked on getting Kathy new tires. That’s enough for our down day of riding.  Really just tried to take it easy a bit today and rest up for the hot rides coming up over the next few days.


  1. You two are a inspiration. I love your blog. I’m out and about more. Take care ❤️😊



  2. Oh man, I have little interest in the mid-West, but the Rock n Roll HOF looks really cool, love the guitars!



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