Lake Erie Bound

Hank – This morning David, Christa, and Carsten rode with us to Dimo’s Deli & Donuts for donuts. Dimo’s is interesting. The owner has a bit of a reputation along the vein of the Seinfeld show’s Soup Nazi. Christa was surprised at how well behaved he was with us. But later on we got to see a little of him come out. In a loud, gruff voice he barked, “Start talking, young man. Whattaya want? Make it quick.” But he does it in a good natured way.

After donuts we said goodbye to our WarmShowers host and headed out of Ann Arbor. After several miles we hit some construction. Both the road and bike path were blocked off. There were a couple of heavy machines working. Rather than backtrack and detour a few miles we decided to boldly walk our bikes through the construction. Both machine operators stopped, waved to us as we went by, and started back up again once we did. Several other construction workers hardly gave us a look.

We pressed on to Milan (pronounced MY-lehn) where we got breakfast at the Milan Coney Island, self-professed “Best food in the galaxy.” It was good but not best in the galaxy good. Kathy noticed a nearby hair salon, The Shop,  and found they had room to fit me in for a haircut and her for a cut and color. So we had a long break in Milan.

Today we’re headed to William Sterling State Park in Monroe, MI on the shore of Lake Erie. After getting all beautified we covered our pretty hair with our helmets and pressed on. We ran into more construction. A bridge was being rebuilt and new culverts we’re going in. We went with the “walk through it like a boss” strategy and asked a guy sitting next to the new culvert if we could walk through. He allowed that we could and I carried the bikes across. We hustled through the rest of the site. The heavy equipment operator stopped for us and didn’t seem bothered by the interruption.

Twice when we stopped later, once at a store for a cold drink and once to take a picture of bikes for sale, someone asked us how far we’d traveled. Both times their jaw dropped when we said Spokane, Washington. One guy asked, “Do you know where you are right now?” Some people can be unintentionally funny.

We finally got to Monroe, MI, which we soon learned was where George Armstrong Custer grew up. We got on a very uncomfortable trail taking us to William Sterling State Park. It has lots of buckling caused by tree roots. We got a tent site at the park, which is almost on the beach. Lake Erie lies east of us, including a nuclear power reactor with it’s twin cooling towers spitting out steam.

Kathy – Total was a 48-miler with very little elevation.  The temps were in the 80’s but not too uncomfortable because there was only a little humidity.  We did get a nice headwind for part of our journey today.

Our morning at the bakery was interesting as I was very quiet and once I knew what i wanted only gave my order to the owner who tends to shout at people.  I did not want to get yelled at or kicked out of the donut shop.  He actually gave me the wrong donut but I did not upset him and just ate the one he gave me.  It was a fun place with good donuts.  We do not often eat donuts but today was special because eleven year old Carsten recommended this place.  He even woke early so we could have our donuts before we headed out of.

We said our goodbyes, which was hard because we clicked so well with these amazing people.  Our bike travels were pretty uneventful.  Twice today we avoided road closures that would have added multiple miles to our plans.  I love when we just show up like we own the place and walk right through.  Please know we are not condescending, we just want to move through the works site ASAP and move on with our trip,  Lucky today it all worked out and we did not need to do any backtracking.

It’s been over three months since my last hair color.  My hair has faded out really blonde with all the sun exposure. Shelly, the gal that cut and colored my hair in Milan, Michigan was rally fantastic.  She did a great job on my color.  Hank got a haircut too so we are looking good right now.  😉   All is well today, and we had a wonderful day of travels.

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  1. If you go through Port Clinton, Ohio…stop and stay with my dad! It’s my home town!!! Travel safe!


    1. Sorry, Bob. We bypassed Port Clinton for Sandusky.


  2. Post pictures of the new do 😊💇‍♀️


    1. Hi Shannon, I’m sure you seen pics of my hair by now. I’m not always up to date on the comments section of our blog, sorry. I really just had a trim and a color since it was so bleached out from the sun. I will be happy once the trip is done to get this hair cut off and back to my favorite hair styles. For now the ponytail works well. 🙂 I hope life is going well for you and you are almost done with your graduate program. You are such a workaholic, just as I was. Please try to take some time out for yourself. Love to you missy!


      1. I love following you guys. Praying Hank gets the rest he needs. You two are adorable and more amazing than I even imagined

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