Rest Day

Hank – David took us into Dearborn and dropped us off downtown. We had a morning snack at Starbucks where a group of retired Ford employees spoke in great detail about the Detroit Tigers, derided the Detroit Lions, and debated the ins and outs of their pensions and Social Security.

We walked over to the Henry Ford Museum, paid the fee, and checked out the exhibits. The old steam-powered machines and classic automobiles are big attractions. But the museum also included innovations in home furnishings, heating, aircraft, women’s rights, and other categories. We also walked the Greenfield Village where a wide variety of older lifestyles and skills are on live display. We spent a good six hours of the day there and enjoyed it very much.

David picked us up after he got off work. A thunderstorm hit so we skipped the food trucks and went downtown to eat some excellent pizzas at NeoPapalis. Carsten helped Kathy plant her flowers for Michigan in his front yard.  It was a very good rest day. Tomorrow we’re back on the road.

Kathy – After eight days of riding we decided to take a day off from riding.  David and Christa offered to host us an additional night.  We are so thankful for these amazing people.  David was on his way to work and dropped us off not far from the museum.  We really enjoyed our time at the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.  I loved the old president cars and learning about the special designs made for them to keep them safe and comfortable.  Of course all the old classic cars as well as the original Model T and other cars from that time period were great to see.  I also really liked the historic exhibits related to Abraham Lincoln and slavery ending, Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks related to equal rights for those of color, and finally the Susan B. Anthony and other amazing ladies who stood up to ratify the 19th Amendment for voting rights for women.  These were moments in history that helped to improve our country and make America the wonderful place it is now.  So if you are ever in the Detroit, Michigan area, do not miss out on The Henry Ford Museum.

David drove and Christa was our guide as we drove around for a quick tour of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  We had a fantastic dinner and conversations with David, Christa and Carsten.  The salad and pizza were outstanding!  Carsten helped me plant my daises in their front yard. So my Michigan flowers are planted in my goal to plant flowers in every state.  We are Making America More Beautiful – one state at a time.   Thank you Carsten!!  It was hard to say goodnight to these wonderful host knowing that we have to leave in the morning, but we ll needed to get some rest.  Such a great relaxing day and grateful for David, Christa and Carsten.  They are simply outstanding!

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  1. Hi Kathy, glad things are going so well. I’m finally catching up. We’ve been busy helping my daughter with her new baby, our first granddaughter. Glad to hear about the flowers!


    1. Hi Katie! Happy you are enjoying the blog post. We have over 3,500 miles of riding in so far. It is tough at times but also great to see so much of the United States and meet so many wonderful people. No doubt you are enjoying that new grand baby! Give her a kiss from me. 🙂 We are going to love it whenever we finally get to have grandchildren. Spoil them rotten and give them back is our plan. 🙂 I hope work is going well too. I miss you all. Love to you, Kathy


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