Spiders And Snakes

After setting up the tent and putting our stuff inside Kathy saw a spider crawling on one of her panniers. Of course, it’s my duty to kill the spider. I smacked it with my hand and left it for dead. That wasn’t good enough for Kathy.

“It’s still squirming a little. Pick it up and get it out. After all, I’m still a girl.”

A couple days ago Kathy screamed while we were riding on a trail. A snake darted out in front of her. It quickly coiled and squirmed after her front wheel ran over it. She thought it was going to get her feet.

So we’re working on spiders and snakes. I really don’t think it’ll be any better by the time we’re done but I have to try. The tarantulas in the southwest are going to be fun.

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    1. I’m old enough to remember when that came out. 🙂


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