Conversation Snippets

Hank – Hey, the sign says there’s an historical marker up ahead. I bet it’s a Sharpie.


Hank – When we hit 15 miles we should stop and have a snack.

Kathy – How far?

Hank – 15 miles.

Kathy (smiles) – Okay.

(Twenty seconds later)

Hank – We’re already past 15 miles, aren’t we?

Kathy – Well, if you had a computer on your bike you’d know, wouldn’t you?


Hank – Do they fertilize wind farms?


(How hearing aid users converse)

Kathy – Hey, there’s the city sign.

Hank – Hey, there’s the city sign.

Kathy – That’s what I just said.


(While riding in a hard rain)

Kathy – We’re living the dream, Hank. Everybody wants to be like us.


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  1. Pat@26InchSlicks July 16, 2018 at 9:05 pm

    This post is gold.


    1. Thanks, Pat. We have our moments.


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