Rosalia WA

Hank – I woke up this early morning, as I do pretty much every morning, and went to the kitchen and found the kettle ready to go and my favorite flavor of tea sitting out. That’s the kind of people Mike and Patty are. I fixed myself a cup and enjoyed the dawn while waiting for everyone else to wake. Once everyone was up we all chipped in to make breakfast. Before we left, Kathy planted some flower seeds in Mike and Patty’s yard. It’s something she’s going to do in every state we visit. Off to Cheney we went. We picked up something for lunch and rode to the Turnbull Wildlife Refuge. Jason, a Fish and Wildlife employee, checked out our bikes and asked about our plans. He was keen to learn about our plans. I bought an annual pass for all national parks, etc., so we’re set to visit elsewhere without paying additional fees.

The day grew warmer and the sun didn’t let up. The long climbs became tiresome and the descents went by too fast. On one long descent a truck passed us and stopped about 3/4 the way down. Someone got out and I could see he was taking photos. I was hoping they didn’t want us to stop because we had some sweet coasting going on. And then I saw it was someone I knew. Paul Zambon, who worked in the same building I worked in, lives out that way and saw us. It was great to see him so I didn’t mind stopping. Kathy I and wrapped up the last few miles to Rosalia and grabbed a bite and some recovery drinks. The Brass Rail had some great burgers. Some locals coming and going got to know us and learn what we were up to. There was Dave who lives in Oakesdale. He’s a recent widower and comes to the Brass Rail for human connections. A gentle and kind man who is a pleasure to be with. Rudy, an 88-year-old former pilot, movie maker, TV producer, and quite the humorist who encouraged us to connect with TV stations. He said they love human interest stories. Carl, Rudy’s son, chimed in with some of his travels he’d taken as a younger man. Debbie runs the place. She was kind enough to make extra fries to go with Kathy’s burger so I could have some. What a sweetheart. Patty brought in the news of another local who passed of a heart attack today. Everybody said they heard the sirens. The fellow was 61. “Too young”, everyone remarked. Rudy stopped by to chat once more before leaving. When he mentioned he was 88 years old I said I hope I get to see what that’s like. He laughed and said, “Well, only the good die young.” He would be so much fun to hang out with. He told me to be good on the trip. I said I’d try but it would take some effort. Rudy comes back with, “But I can’t pay you to be good so you’ll have to be good for nothing.” I said I could do that for sure. Before we left Debbie took a photo of us with our bikes outside her place. And just about everyone took one of our cards so they could follow us on line.

At the end of the day I had areas of my skin telling me I didn’t use enough sun block. I’ll do better tomorrow. The top of my feet are burned. Ouch!

Kathy – Overall Day 2 wet very well. The hills with the heat (77 degrees) was a bit warm, but we managed okay. Took a few breaks to hydrate and stay fueled. We covered 41 miles. Had a good dinner in Rosalia and met some really nice local folks. Looking forward to a good night sleep! 🙂

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Whodunnit? How? Wait, What Time Is It?

Hank – We left the Brass Rail and cruised over to the City Park. I had emailed the city hall a couple days ago and they said we were allowed to camp overnight there. We elected to set up under the cooking shelter. It provides some protection from the wind. While we were setting up a deputy sheriff and two women who work there came over to the kitchen area next to where we put our tent. Someone had broken in and I think they stopped up the sink and left the water running. It reminded me of the Wet Bandits in Home Alone. Anyway, there was a lot of discussion as to how the culprit(s) got in and out because the hasp was still locked but the bolts holding the hasp were all loose. And to make this story even juicier, there’s some history with a former and/or disgruntled employee or two that may indicate possible suspects. They could have removed the bolts and disassembled the lock to get in but couldn’t have reassembled it in a locked position without someone on the inside who would have been unable to get out. The investigation continues.

A train passing by about 200 feet away woke me up in the morning. The horn blew at every crossing, as required, and there are many crossing going though Rosalia. So the horn blew all the way through town. It must have just been leaving because the clack-clack of the wheels were spaced out quite a bit. I looked at my watch and it said 7:45. Wow! I haven’t slept that late in ages. Kathy was still out so she was getting some good rest too. I unzipped the tent and peeked out. It was still dark. What the??? I squinted at my watch again. 3:45 in the frickin’ morning. I went from feeling refreshed to dog tired and went back to bed. But before dozing off again I got to thinking about the lock puzzle. Whoever did it either had a key or picked the lock. (Master locks are pretty easy to crack open.) Then they disassembled the hasp and reassembled it loosely, even reversing one of the bolts to make it look like that was how they got in. It was the Greenskeeper in the Kitchen, not the Butler in the Dining Room! Unfortunately, there was no deputy sheriff on hand to benefit from my slow motion Sherlock-Holmesian deductive powers. Life is cruel that way.

I got up–again–at 6:00. Since I hate to sit around, I put water on for tea and started packing. Kathy got up an hour later. We will plan this day now.