Teton And Yellowstone National Parks

Hank – We rented a car yesterday, loaded the bikes ‘n’ stuff, and drove to Colter Bay Campground in Teton National Park. This morning we were up at the crack of dawn and entered the south entrance to Yellowstone. We spent most of the day checking out the geyser basins. There are not enough words to describe what we got to see over the last two days. We’ll be back in Yellowstone on Sunday. On bikes. Tomorrow we ride!

Kathy – We really enjoyed the past two days off from riding and acting like a normal people with renting the car and traveling to the Tetons and the Southern Yellowstone Park area. I must say, I was reminded of just how much faster you can get around using a car. This part of the country is absolutely beautiful. Hank and I enjoyed it immensely and are looking forward to seeing the rest of Yellowstone…by bike. We will leave Idaho Falls in the morning in route to Yellowstone. It will take us four days to get to our campsite there. Then we plan to spend a few days seeing the other areas of Yellowstone. It was a good few rest days.

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