Shoshone, Idaho

Hank – Kathy, our host, treated us to breakfast at Norm’s Cafe, a local eatery that got its start in 1975. Then we bid goodbye, left her a card with a donation for the disabled veterans van, got back on our bikes, and stopped by Fred Meyer for a couple of bananas and apples. We then rode to the Perrine Bridge to see if any jumpers were there. And we ran into Kathy who was there to watch, too.

We saw a couple jumpers from the observation area next to the bridge. Then we went got on the bridge and rolled down the sidewalk to the jump off point. We were there maybe five minutes when a jumper came out. He was from Russia, lives in Maryland, and came here in vacation to jump.

The jumpers had a routine. They’d spit over the side and watch the spit all the way down, watching the wind currents. The air was so still that their spit would barely move one way or another. Then the jumper would go over the steps they were taking regarding the jump and the release of the drag chute that opens the main chute. Then they’d count 3, 2, 1 and go. Sometimes they’d yell when they jumped. Had I done that I would have added a step called “crap my pants”.

I thought it would be terrifying enough just to climb over the railing. Plus, the bridge trembled and shook with all the traffic going over it.

We finally hit the road and went to Shoshone. The ride was uneventful and pleasant. We arrived in Shoshone around 2:00 pm and grabbed a bite. We found a tent site and set up camp. I rode around town a bit to see what I could find. No luck on the local museum again. This one’s open only on weekends.

Kathy – Today was a good ride of rolling hills the entire way.  We did 31 miles with 1,300 feet of elevation.  A lot of people may think this isn’t too bad, but remember we have loaded down bikes which increases our efforts more so.  It was a warm 80 degrees as we rode due to getting a late start because of watching the BASE (Bridge, Antenna, Span, and Earth) jumpers. We had a nice dinner in Shoshone and a relaxing evening before calling it a night.

Speaking of the BASE jumpers, I must say it was super cool to watch them jump off the bridge right next to us.  I asked them if they wanted us to move away from their jump area and they all said it was fine for us to stay there to get photos.  I even asked a few of them if they wanted me to send them the photos of them jumping and they all declined.  It was not a big deal to them.  I guess it was just second nature for them to jump off bridges.  A few of the BASE jumpers seen our bikes and asked us about our travels.  When we told them they were so impressed and told us we were bad-asses.  I told them no way, we are keeping our feet on the ground with our travels and you are jumping off a bridge multiple times a day. They are the real bad-asses.  They just laughed and went about their business before they climbed over the rail and jumped off the bridge.  If you are ever in Twin Falls, Idaho you must go watch the BASE jumpers. Totally awesome!

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  1. You two are definitely bad-ass cyclist!


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