We Met Norm

Norm Standal

While Kathy and I were cruising along River Drive outside of Bliss, Idaho, she came upon a gentleman walking along the roadside. They exchanged greetings and she stopped to chat and then we got to meet Norm Standal. Norm is 89 years old. He currently lives in Fort Meyers, Florida. He’s visiting family just down the road we were on. He used to live in Spokane many years ago. He said that at one point times were getting difficult so he searched for some land where he could completely sustain himself and his family. He found that land in Idaho and they lived there 20 years. Then he went and lived on a sail boat for seven years. He was excited to hear about what we were doing and when we said we would be coming through his neck of the woods in December, he gave us his address and invited us to stop by. He continued on his morning walk and we rode on to Hagerman. We really hope we get to see Norm again.

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  1. Pretty cool!


  2. Zachary J Grimm May 23, 2018 at 5:53 am

    It’s beautiful the people we meet and the Curiosity they stir up inside us. Nothing is by chance!!


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