It’ll Level Off After The Last Hill

Hank – Jan and Chip took us to hike in the Danskin Mountains east of Boise. (Nope, not named after the shoes.) Chip told us it was a pretty mellow hike with some climbing. At the start we immediately began climbing and climbing. I remarked to Chip that for a relatively flat hike this was not relatively flat.

“It’ll level off after the last hill,” he says. That may be true but it was hardly comforting. But it did mellow out and we meandered through a bounty of arrowhead balsam root, lupine, honeysuckle, and other flowers. A turkey vulture flew overhead for a bit, no doubt disappointed that I wasn’t lying alongside the trail. We also saw a couple of Lewis Woodpeckers and a couple of Mountain Bluebirds. We ended up hiking 9.7 miles with 1800 feet of elevation gain so it made for a full day. We will sleep good tonight.

Tomorrow morning, Kathy and I hit the road.

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  1. “It will level out after the last hill” reminds me of the sign I used to keep in my office: “The beatings will stop when morale improves.” Thanks for the great photos!


  2. Wait when is your rest day ? Just thinking of Kathy


    1. We spent three days here. This was the least physically restful day we had but it was a very good day.


    2. Hi Shannon, thank you for thinking of me. 🙂 I’m getting a little rest here and there. Life is good. I hope things are going great for you!


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