Boise And Rest – Reposted

Hank – I’m not sure how it happened but I think the WordPress app on my phone updated the original blog post with a short draft and wrote over the post. So we’re reposting using our fading memories. Well, my fading memory because Kathy remembers everything. 😉

We got up at the crack of dawn, broke camp, packed up, and rolled over to a restaurant for breakfast. We took our time there since we had such an early start and we only had about 30 miles to get to my sister’s house in Boise. We had a long, steady climb out of Emmett. Fortunately, that was the majority of the climbing for the day. Coming into Eagle I was amazed at the many developments of “luxury estates”. Lots of money being spent there for houses. We stopped at a small place in town and had tea and lemon bars for lunch while we caught up on administrative matters like blog posts. I checked out the Eagle Museum next door. It was cool to see the history of the area and compare it with how radically different it is now. We continued on to Boise. Between the two cities we had plenty of bike lanes and even some separated bike path. We saw lots of other cyclists, too. Most waved and a few said hello. One guy pulled up from behind me. “How much weight you carrying there, Hank?” I wondered how he knew my name when I remembered the name license plate Kathy ordered for me. We arrived at my sister’s house where we were warmly welcomed. Today, I made a point to communicate well with Kathy and we stayed in sync throughout the entire ride. We had a really good day.

Kathy – We did have a great ride today, and yes Hank communicated wonderfully during our travels.  Thank you Hank! 🙂  We rode 31 miles with 900 feet of elevation gain in partly sunny skies in the mid 70’s.  It was a really sweet ride that we both enjoyed. Loved visiting with Jan (Hank’s sister), Chip, and Anna and we are looking forward to spending a few days with them before continuing on our journey.

Two weeks into the trip and here are a few stats:

  • Total distance: 499 miles
  • Total elevation gain: 16,780 feet
  • Other random things: 6 nights camping, 3 nights with family/friends, 2 nights with great Warms Showers hosts, visited 3 states, 1 flat tire, 1 jar of peanut butter consumed, 1 fall, 2 thumbs up from strangers, and a ton of support from family, friends, Warm Showers hosts, and complete strangers. Our bodies are adjusting to this new life, we are blessed, and all is well.


  1. Wow, you guys are incredibly faithful bloggers! I’m listening to your adventures in text to speech while driving the truck. Technology is still deficient picture to speech department. I read The Longest Walk by George Meegan last week, there is precious little of this kind of flliterature for bikers. You guys are off to a good start! Although, when you release the audio version of your epic tale I hope you will release it in text to speech or I won’t believe it’s you!

    Lynn and I are planning an honorary ride down white bird hill in your name!


    1. Thanks, Justin. Can you select which voice you listen to? I’m wondering how it would sound in Morgan Freeman’s voice. 🙂


      1. I think it would sound awesome with his voice Hank

  2. Sheila Brunton May 17, 2018 at 8:37 am

    I’m really enjoying your blog. You’re off to such a wonderful start. Do you feel like you pack much more than a day’s worth into each day?! Think of the memory making experiences in just two weeks! Good thing you’re keeping a detailed blog. Awesome job 👏👍


    1. Thank you Sheila. We are slowly getting used to this new life. All is well on our end. Hoping you and Paul are well and enjoying life too!


  3. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I love to live your adventure from work. I normally read your blogs quietly in the break room Kathy, but may break out in laughter at times. I’m glad you are enjoying your trip. Kathy I haven’t heard of any hotels yet?


    1. Hi Kim, happy you are enjoying the blog. 🙂 Thanks for reminding me…I am a little behind on the hotels, so I made up for it tonight! 🙂


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