The Real Jenn and Jim Story

Hank – Kathy and I pulled into New Meadows on Friday afternoon. Jenn Grey and Jim Griffith drove down from McCall and took us to their house. They have an apartment over their garage for us to live in. They also let us use their car on Saturday so we could go into town. After breakfast, Kathy and I went into McCall and walked around for a bit. We picked up some wine for dinner and had a snack at the Payette Dream Coffee House. When we got back to the house there was about six yards of bark sitting next to the garage and Jim was spreading it around. We chipped in and got all the bark spread pretty quickly. So Jenn ordered four more yards. Kathy and I went for a walk by the river. It was very peaceful and pretty. I found a garter snake sunning on the pathway.

“Hey, Kathy, check out this snake.”

“NO! I will NOT check out the snake!”

Kathy’s not into snakes. I told her it was a Payette Viper, one of the ten most deadliest snakes in the world outside of Australia. She was not impressed. She just wanted to be away from it. When we got back into the neighborhood we saw the landscape truck leaving, which meant the bark had been delivered.

So we walked real slow.

Just kidding. We got back and helped spread the rest of the bark. We were covering the ground so quickly that Jim and Jenn focused on pulling weeds in the remainder of the space. They treated us to a wonderful dinner and we hung out and told stories for the rest of the evening. Molly, their nine-month-old puppy, is my play-fetch buddy. She would run all day if you let her. We met Emma and Abby, their daughters, who have a lot going for them. The whiole family is wonderful.

In the morning we loaded up our bikes and panniers in Jim’s VW truck that he brought back from Guatemala some years ago. He gave us a ride down to New Meadows. I told him I hopes he makes it back because that was the  sketchiest vehicle I’ve ever been in even though it’s pretty cool. I’m sure he made it home okay.

Kathy – All I can add to Hank’s comments are that Jen and Jim were fantastic!  We loved visiting with them along with Abby & Emma.  Everyone was extremely welcoming and their hospitality was simply amazing. We are truly blessed by the kindness of these strangers that have now become our new friends.  Hopefully one day they will visit Spokane and we can spoil them as they did us.

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