Feeding Frenzy

Hank – After dinner we went to check out the campground. Like anyone else who’s not from around here we couldn’t find it. A man standing outside his house had been watching us and as we rode by him again he asked, “Looking for a place to camp?” We explained what we were up to and he gave us directions. The campground turned out to be a simple affair. There’s a spigot, picnic tables, a flowing river just 30 feet away, and maybe a Dish network connection. We rode to the Palouse Market and paid the $7.00. Then we had another drink and charged our devices at the Palouse Caboose. Kim, the owner, was  happy to meet us and hear about what we’re doing. It turned out she was the people Jess knew and had the skinny on the campground. She’s a very nice person and owns a great place. We got back to the campground a little late and found there was one more amenity of sorts. All that can eat ya mosquitoes. In our haste to get the tent up we alternated between incorrectly oriented poles, inside-out tent, and all the fumbling the law allows in such situations while trying to stave off the bloody feeding frenzy. With patience and perseverance on our side we finally settled in and bedded down for the night. Kathy is still asleep while I’m posting this. The grass and tent are wet with dew but the sun is coming up and it should dry it out soon enough. I think I’ll lay back down now.IMG_20180506_054014

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  1. Totally enjoying reading your posts of your adventures Hank! Be safe!


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