To Oaksdale

Hank – After much discussion we decided to do two short days, the second of which would end up in Pullman where we reserved a hotel room for Sunday. We would stay overnight in Garfield or Palouse depending on what opportunities we found there. We left Rosalia around 9:30 am and had a cool, overcast morning to ride in. Kathy also mentioned mailing some stuff back home once we got to Pullman. Music to my ears. Upon arriving in Garfield we hung out at the grocery and had lunch. At noon the air raid/tornado warning siren went off. I haven’t heard one of those for a long time.

Dave, whom we met the day before at the Brass Rail, showed up. It was great to see him again. He told us his stepson, who is a deputy sheriff, was upset because his working K-9 of many years had died overnight. Dave was getting a six-pack of beer so they could commiserate together.

Kathy – Yesterday was very warm and we had a ton of headwind, today was SO much better.  The rolling hills were easy to ride and the cloudy day with a nice breeze made it especially nice.  Had some chocolate donuts for breakfast/lunch in memory of my mom.  Mom loved these donuts and ate them often, whenever I visited her in Southern Illinois I always had a few with her because it made her feel so good.  It wasn’t about the donuts, but about enjoying the time with her.  Mom always told me when I was running marathons, “I don’t know why you are wasting all that energy running, just think how much you could get accomplished if you used all that energy for something else.”   I can only imagine what she would be saying about this trip if she were alive now.  So, with limited choices at the grocery store for food, the chocolate donuts are dedicated to my momma whom I loved dearly.  I did have a health salad for dinner to make up for it.  Onward we travel…a side note yes, I realized we have a few things we can live without. 🙂


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