To Garfield

Hank – The ride to Garfield went pretty quick. We saw a couple of cool things along the way.  Once there we found there wasn’t much to stick around for. Small world moment. The woman running the store told us about a young man who passed through months ago on his way to San Diego. Turns out that was Brandon, who stayed with us for four days back in January. We bought ice cream sandwiches. Sales were hand written in a notebook. Since I provided exact change I was asked if I had any quarters to trade for paper. The people in the apartments across the street are always asking for quarters for the laundry room. I traded in three bucks worth and maybe dropped 300 grams in weight? The bike felt lighter in my head.

There was a woman who told us she was from Oklahoma. There’s usually a story involved and I usually ask, so I asked her how she ended up in Garfield. She gave me the short version of the long story. Fled an abusive relationship. Got tracked down multiple times and the guy tried to steal their daughter back. Trying to stay on the inconspicuous side. How sad. She was guarded while talking to be but really tried to talk to Kathy. There aren’t that many people to talk to in Garfield.

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