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Hank: We spent much of the morning at the clinic on Fairchild AFB getting checked out. Everything looks good but we both had to get a shingles vaccination. The second shot can be had any time after June 26. We’ll take care of that when we’re near another military installation. Kathy loaded her panniers with clothing, etc., today and we took a short evening ride. I removed a few items from my bags but had to add a few more, including strapping my ukulele to the back. The bike still weighs in at 107 pounds. As a friend we ran into said this evening, Kathy and I are going to be so strong. Probably, but I bet we’ll be short a few items, too.

Kathy:  It looks like we are going to be heavier than we planned.  We were hoping that I maxed out at 70 pounds and Hank maxed out at 90 pounds.  That is not going to happen, Hank will probably be at 110 pounds and me at 90 pounds.  My bike (Sadie) weighs 42 pounds without any bags attached.  Once I packed the bags and loaded up, my current total weight is 83 pounds.  The only thing we still need to add to our bikes are a few snack items.  It is tough to pack up for 16 months and keep the weight down.  There is so much we need to take  such as camping gear, food/utensils, bike repair and maintenance items, on-bike and off-bike clothes, warm clothing items, personal products, medical supplies, and a few electronics.  With all of the needed items it leaves very little room for any nice to have items.  We both picked one “luxury” item, Hank chose his ukulele and I picked my jean jacket.  That jacket may weigh a bit, but I’m gonna be warm and look good it it! 😉

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  1. Hi Kathy, I’ve got my husband Roger excited about your journey, too! What’s your plan on camping vs hotels?


    1. Hi Katie! Hope you are well! We will camp some nights, stay with family and friends (when in their neck of the woods), occasionally we will use – Google it 🙂 and lastly, I get a hotel 2 nights a week! Since work is no longer on our list of things to do each day, our main focus now will be where are we going to eat and sleep each day. No more comforts of home, we will be winging our food and shelter most days. We will be living life in a different way for the next 16 months, hopefully I can adjust quickly. 🙂


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